Nothing more than run.

Listen to your heartbeat instead of music. No pressure from motivational targets. Feel the freedom. No ads. No annoying push-notifications.

That’s it.

To Run.

Any type of running is a hurdle race. We have removed all the odd hurdles and concentrate on the ones that are pleasant to work on, such as willpower and endurance.

Tracking, statistics, community, coach (soon)

To Ski.

Waiting for the right weather, finding the right ski wax, dashing against the icy winds — sometimes we enjoy the challenge. So, leave time and distance to the app.

Tracking, statistics, community, coach (soon)

To Cycle.

You choose your speed, your pace, your way and just enjoy tracking your progress. Yeah, you also get to choose what T-shirt to wear.

Tracking, statistics, community, coach (soon)

To Swim.

Front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke, butterfly. We are ready for any style. Since any style of swimming is pure minimalism: water, man, moving ahead and result.

Tracking, statistics, community, coach (soon)

Ai Coach.

AI Coach system is a chatbot inside a series of apps called To Sports. It is able to get your sports goals aligned in a simple and intuitive fashion. The app collects user's stats, analyses it and compiles an optimal training program for the user. The app’s algorithm uses neural networks to adjust the program after each workout.

AI Coach will be launched in Spring of 2017 and its first goal will be to prepare a user of any level for a half marathon (21 km) in exactly 2 months.


To Sports is project by sweaters, a team of mobile app developers. Please, feel free to contact us on any related issues.